Holy Week Schedule:

  • Sunday, April 9 - Palm Sunday - Easter Musical Part I (outlined below) at 10:30am in the Sanctuary. 
  • Thursday, April 13 - Maundy Thursday - Easter Musical Part II (outlined below) at 7pm in the Sanctuary
  • Friday, April 14 - Good Friday - Joint community service (Cantata and Tenebrae) at 7pm at Ascension Lutheran Church
  • Saturday, April 15 - Community Easter Egg Hunt: 10am - 12pm at Secret Lake Park
  • Sunday, April 16 - Easter Sunday - Our Sunrise Service will begin at 6:45am, followed by breakfast in the Fellowship Hall at 7:30am.  Classic Worship Service at 8:00am in the Chapel.  The 10:30am service in the Sanctuary will include Part III of the Easter Musical (outlined below). 
  • Sunday, April 23 - The final part of the Easter Musical (outlined below) during the 10:30am Worship Service in the Sanctuary.

Part I - A Savior Welcomed - Sunday, April 9
Part II - Ultimate Price Paid - Thursday, April 13
Part III - Victory Won - Sunday, April 16
Part IV - Still Today - Sunday, April 23

A Savior Welcomed
For a people desperately seeking relief from oppression - Grace Wins.
But not in the way they expected.

Ultimate Price Paid
For a people desperately needing relief from sin - Grace Wins.

Victory Won
For a people desperately needing an answer - Grace Wins.
And grace wins in a powerful display of victory over death - forever shattering the threat of the enemy.
"If I live, you, too shall live"

Still Today
For a people desperately seeking all that has been needed in the past - still today, Grace Wins.