Community United Methodist Church supports many missionaries with prayers and monetary gifts. Listed below are the missionaries who receive financial support from CUMC.

Missionaries with CUMC backgrounds

Pat and Melenda Edmiston
Wycliffe Bible Translators

The Edmiston’s are from Casselberry and grew up in our church.  Pat and Melenda traveled in early February to Papua New Guinea, where they served for 23 years, returning for the first time since completing and dedicating the Alamblak New Testament.   Pat is currently in Nigeria working with different language groups to translate the New Testament.  Melenda is working in Florida with new Wycliffe members,  preparing for their training in April.

Dick Mailman
Life Skills Jail Ministry

Dick is a long time member of CUMC.  He also teaches in area jails and prisons. His ministry helps change the lives of inmates. (Refer to our main Outreach page to learn more about Mailman's prison ministry.)

Lee and Karen Woods
Wycliffe Bible Translators, Papua New Guinea

Lee’s parents were dedicated members of CUMC. The church began supporting the Woods when they first ventured to PNG with their 3 young children (who have now graduated from college). Lee is in charge of aviation maintenance at Ukarumpa and Karen works as a nurse in the clinic. Their work is essential support for the Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Other Missionaries supported by CUMC

Delbert and Sandi Groves
United Methodist Missionaries, Zambia

The Groves are with New Life Center Zambia, handling many different jobs. Examples of Delbert and Sandi’s work are: Distributing PETS (providing mobility to the handicapped), training pastors, starting churches, feeding children, and printing Christian materials. Prior to Zambia, they served in the Congo and Zaire but were forced to leave because of the rebellions in those areas. The Groves are members of Pine Castle UMC, Orlando.