Pumpkin Patch

cumc pumpkin patchThe CUMC Pumpkin Patch will be open starting Sunday, September 29th and throughout the month of October! The pumpkin patch has been a CUMC tradition since 1984.

During the month of October, thousands of people pass through our patch. Not only is the pumpkin patch a fundraising effort for our Student Ministry, but it also serves as an outreach to our community. Granny Pumpkin talks and sings with children’s groups visiting our campus, sharing with them the story of salvation, while the children sit among the bales of hay and pumpkins. There is always the invitation to join us in worship and activities throughout the year!

The Student Ministry is supplemented by the profit of the patch, providing money for camp, retreats, and other special events throughout the year.

How can I participate?

You can support the Patch and the Student Ministry by visiting the Pumpkin Patch and purchasing a pumpkin.  And don't forget to stop in the store to browse the fall decorations and jams that are available.  Be sure to spread the word about the Patch to friends and neighbors looking to buy a pumpkin. 

What are the hours of The Patch?

The Pumpkin Patch will be open from 9am - 9pm Monday through Saturday, and 1pm - 9pm on Sundays throughout the month of October. We look forward to seeing you!

Will there be a Fall Festival?

Yes!  Our Annual Fall Festival is returning in full Pumpkin Palooza style!  Pumpkin Palooza will take place all over our church campus on Saturday, October 26 from 9am - 1pm.  Come and enjoy a safe and fun Christian alternative Halloween experience with the kids.  Pumpkin Palooza is a family fun fall extravaganza with games, scavenger hunt, and candy.  Pumpin Palooza will also offer shopping opportunities for pumpkins, crafted gifts, bake goods, and lunch items for sale.