Students in Grades 6 - 12

Pursuit Student Ministry of Community Church exists to draw students close to Christ as we offer our lives as a continual act of worship to Him through the STUDY of His Word so that we may SHARE His love, grace, mercy, and hope with others and SERVE here on this earth all for the glory of God.


Gulf Coast - Mount Olive Baptist Church -  Lake Charles, La
June 28 - July 6th
Please pray by name for our crew that will headed into the mission field.
Ardel, Aubree, Bucky, Cody, Emma, Gabe, Kaden, Lily, Makyla, Mark, Nic, Parker and Simone.

Weekly Events

Pursuit Gatherings

Sunday Nights @ 4pm - 6pm
The Word of God, games, food, connecting & building lasting relationships!

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Previous Events

Easter Egg Hunt @ Lake Concord 2024

Rock The Universe 2024

Dave & Buster's 2024

Meet the team.

Mark McVige

Mark joined the Community Church team in January of 2023 as Director of Youth and Young Adults. Prior to that he served as Children's director. Mark is marrried to Maranda and they have 4 children. Some of Mark's favorite things are, Dallas Cowboys, Florida State Seminoles, NASCAR, RVing, FCA volunteer and sponsor, family time and spending time with Jesus! His desire is to see the youth come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. To help students develop and grow a deep relationship with Jesus and help disciple others in return.

Maranda McVige

Maranda, among many things, coordinates one the students favorite thing, FOOD!!! She is the quiet backbone of the ministry. Organizes our chaos, keeps things flowing and tries her hardest to get us to places early! Some of Maranda's favorite things are, the color purple, family time, taking care of others and inviting others to join her in church. Maranda has been married to Mark since 2003 and has 4 children, 2 dogs and a bearded dragon! God please give her strength!

Bucky Schwarz

Bucky was the first baby born on July 4th in the Florida Hospital. He is a relatively new convert to Christianity, and has dived head first into learning the Word of God and Christian theology. He joined Community Church in 2023, where he helps out on the tech side of things. He enjoys fishing, surfing, video games, music, movies, and wildlife. He hopes to help the youth understand God and their relationship with Jesus. He and Simone have been married since 2017.

Rob Eason

Rob has grown up in Community Church since he was born. He loves the Baltimore Ravens, fantasy sports, baseball, movies, spending time in God's Word, and spending time with his girlfriend Brittany. Rob hopes to help the youth navigate thru the lies the world tells them and to know the Truth the bible has for them. Also to show them how to be a christian thats on fire for the Lord. 

Heather Menley

Heather was born in Goldsboro, NC on October 3, 1979. She moved to Florida and back to NC multiple times. I also lived in Warwick, Bermuda for one year. Heather joined the Pursuit leadership team in September of 2023. My favorite sports teams to watch are Florida State Seminoles, NC Tarheels, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Hurricanes and reading the Bible. I renewed my relationship with Jesus Christ in July 2023. The cartoon character I most identify with is Simba. You can't run from your problems or your past. Instead you have to go head to head and give it to God.

Cody Talbert

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Simone Jung

Simone joined Community Church in January 2023 and joined the Youth Leadership in January 2024. She loved hanging out with her youth group growing up and hopes to share that great experience with Pursuit students. She also loves helping the community, growing her faith, and singing on the Worship team every Sunday morning. She is also married to Bucky. Some of Simone’s favorite things are reading, listening to music, knitting, and cooking for her friends and family.